Holiday House Guests

With our warm winters and lack of precipitation, Phoenix is a great destination for out of town family and friends during the holidays. While other cities are bundling up by the fire, we are barbecuing and having picnics. House guests add cheer to the season, bringing us closer together, but sometimes guests can be too close for comfort.

What do your guests see when they visit your house? The holidays are already busy with shopping, decorating, kids’ and community activities, gift wrapping, and meal preparation. House guests can mean additional work, both before and after their visit, not to mention during! We want guests to feel welcome, comfortable, and at ease in our home. A big part of your guests’ comfort is having a clean home.

Is your home holiday guest ready? Find out in three quick steps:

  1. Do a quick check of your baseboards, ceiling fans and blinds. Is there unsightly dust build up? While dust is common in all cities, our desert landscape makes dust even more prevalent here in arid Arizona. Add monsoon season on top of that, and you may have quite a lot of dust. Your out of town guests may not be used to the amount of dust that we often see here.
  2. Next, check your shower glass and tracks, toilet bowls and faucets for hard water build up. Arizona has some of the hardest water in the United States which means you may have calcification around the base of your faucets, drains, and shower door tracks, and even normally clear shower glass may look “frosted” with water spots!
  3. Last, check your guest room accommodations. Has it been a while since they’ve been cleaned? If you don’t use them very often, they may have a layer of dust on the furnishings. If there’s dust on the furniture, there’s dust on the floors that you may not be able to see.

You’ve got plenty to do to prepare for your guests without having to clean the house, too. Give Maid Right a call and we’ll take care of that task for you. We can’t keep your mother-in-law from judging you, but we can convince her the house is clean!