Housecleaning for Your Health

Having a clean house is an important part to staying healthy and well. A lot of people like to imagine that by cleaning their own house, they are burning calories and building their cardiovascular health. Did you know you only burn about 100 calories per hour doing average house work? That’s similar to the amount of calories you burn sitting at your computer or in a business meeting! You can also injure yourself when you do tasks like lifting or bending if you are prone to back problems or shoulder strain. The risks aren’t really worth the benefits.

An important aspect to having a clean home is reducing pet hair and dust from the air as well as other allergens like pollen. For those with allergies or asthma, putting yourself closer to these irritants while cleaning only exacerbates whatever problems you already have. Retail cleaning products often have strong odors that can trigger allergies, and older vacuums may increase the amount of airborne dust and pet hair.

At Maid Right we use professional commercial grade vacuums with a HEPA filter that reduce airborne allergens by up to 99.97%. This means you’ll have less pet hair and less dust in the air you and your family breathe.

Another protection Maid Right offers that is unique to our company is the virus-killing power of Enviroshield using SNiPER disinfectant. This product is environmentally-friendly while ridding your home of viruses like the common flu, MRSA, H1N1, and E. coli bacteria. Without this type of disinfection, your home may look clean but not be clean. This provides added comfort for customers with a compromised immune system. Maid Right is the only house cleaning company offering this full home disinfection complimentary with our cleaning.

Because your health is so important, you owe it to yourself to hire the professionals to ensure you and your family live in a house that promotes wellness through cleanliness. When your house is clean, you can spend your time on other healthy activities with your family that make life enjoyable.